Private label

Create your own ice cream line through the private labeling process.

How it works

Private Labeling Process

Has your business grown very fast and is your current production capacity exceeded? We can help you reduce production costs while increasing volume. 

Or, if you just want to grow your business by developing new markets and regions, we can take on regional production to help you expand.

Why Ice Dyp Balas?

As a full-service manufacturer, from product design to packaging to production and distribution, we strongly believe that Ice Dyp Balas can be a reliable partner for private labels. We rely on 25 years of experience in ice cream production, our team of specialists supported by 14 state-of-the-art production lines with a combined production capacity of over 1.6 million pieces per day, meeting the strictest food safety standards.

Thus, we want to develop the private label production service, which will meet the customers' requirements in terms of flavours, design and packaging. For this we can offer:

  • Support for our customers related to: market research, requirements analysis, product development, choice of flavours, final creation of chosen products, production and marketing of finished products.
  • Traceability throughout the food chain, from raw materials to final product
  • Own laboratory
  • The strictest quality standards in food safety, recognised by GFSI

Production capacity

We are constantly investing in our production facilities because we want to meet all our customers' requirements/visions for everything related to ice cream assortments.

We have the following production lines by product type:

Ice cream in a cone

- 3 production lines
- Production capacity 600.000 ice creams/day

Ice cream sandwich

- 2 production lines (Standard Sandwich, Oreo type and Maxi Magic)
- Production capacity 150.000 ice creams/day


- 1 production line
- Production capacity 3000 kg/day

Ice cream on a stick

- 3 production lines
- Production capacity 700.000 ice creams/day

Ice cream by the glass

- 2 production lines
- Production capacity 150.000 ice creams/day


- 3 production lines
- Production capacity 3500 kg/day

Production line pictures

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