Responsabilitate Sociala Corporativă

The activities carried out by ICE DYP BALAS in the field of social responsibility are carried out on a voluntary basis, beyond its legal responsibilities, as the company is aware of the role it plays in society.

By integrating sustainability into the company's business, ICE DYP BALAS aims to develop a long-term strategy by adopting green attitudes towards the environment and by caring for the community in the region.

Having its headquarters in Carpinis commune, jud. Timis, the company represents an important landmark in the economic and social activity in the region and beyond, because since its foundation it has been a point of attraction for the local workforce (from Carpinis and Timis county), the company currently has over 600 employees. As a company strongly anchored in the community of Carpinis, ICE DYP BALAS has demonstrated a strong commitment to the community since its establishment, constantly developing and investing in the region.

Social responsibility represents for ICE DYP BALAS a business culture that includes business ethics, customer rights, economic and social equity, environmentally friendly technologies, fair treatment of the workforce, transparent relationships with public authorities, moral integrity and community investment.

ICE DYP also supports the sustainable and sustainable development of society and community, through financial support / partial or total sponsorship of actions and initiatives in the following main areas: education, social, sport, health, environment.

Always taking care of the environment ICE DYP has planned for the period 2020-2021 the construction of a wastewater treatment plant, resulting from the ice cream manufacturing activity, with a capacity of about 80 m3/day.