Official campaign rules

Official rules of the campaign "25 years of MAGICAL MOMENTS"


Section 1. Organiser and official rules of the campaign

Campania este organizata și desfășurata de S.C. Ice Dyp Balas S.R.L., o societate comercială din România, cu sediul social în Romnia, Jud. Timis, Localitatea Carpinis, Strada a III-a, nr. 104 având Codul Unic de Înregistrare RO8615850, înregistrată la Oficiul Registrului Comerțului sub numărul J35/1011/1996 operator de date cu caracter personal înregistrat la ANSPDCP sub nr. ………………………. (prelucrare prin sistem video), (denumită în continuare „Organizator”).

Participanții la campanie sunt obligați să respecte termenii și condițiile regulamentului oficial al acestuia, potrivit celor menționate mai jos (denumit în continuare „Regulament Oficial”). Regulamentul Oficial este întocmit și va fi făcut public prin vizitarea site-ului . Organizatorul își rezervă dreptul de a modifica sau schimba prezentul Regulament Oficial, urmând ca astfel de modificări să intre în vigoare numai după prezentarea acestor modificări pe site-urile menționate mai sus.

Section 2. Campaign area

The campaign is organised and runs throughout Romania from 15.03.2021 to 31.10.2021 For further information, please visit or send an e-mail to for the duration of the campaign as mentioned in Section 3 below.

Section 3. Duration of the campaign

The campaign will be launched on 15.03.2021, 07:00 The campaign will be conducted in accordance with the provisions of these Official Rules. The campaign will end on 31.10.2021, 23:59.

Section 4. Campaign mechanism

During the above mentioned period, any customer who purchases a Triple Magic caramel has the chance to win a Maxi Magic Moments or a Triple Magic raspberry has the chance to win a Nero Magic. Every fourth participating product is a winner.

If after opening the packaging, the message appears: Winner, the customer must present the winning foil to the shops, which he/she hands to the salesperson and the salesperson will hand over the ice cream that is mentioned on the inside of the packaging.

Section 5. Fees and taxes

The prize payer, namely S.C. ICE DYP BALAS S.R.L., undertakes to calculate and pay the tax due on the income obtained by the winners in accordance with Law 227/2015 on the tax code, any other obligations of a fiscal or any other nature in connection therewith being the sole responsibility of the winner.

Section 6. Liability

By participating in the Campaign, all participants and potential winners agree and undertake to respect and comply with all requirements and conditions imposed by the Organizer through these Official Rules, failure to comply with which shall render participants and potential winners personally and solely liable.

The organiser is under no obligation to correspond with claimants of unsuccessful claims arising after the actual award of the prize.

Section 7. Right of participation

The campaign is open to all individuals. Employees of the Campaign Organiser, S.C. ICE DYP BALAS, may not participate in the Campaign. S.RL., as well as their family members (children, parents, spouse).

The award can be a public event. Participation in the campaign constitutes consent that the winners' names and photos may be made public and used free of charge in audio, photo, and video materials by the Organizer.

Section 8. Protection of personal data

The Organiser hereby officially undertakes to comply with the provisions of the legislation on the protection of personal data including, in particular, the provisions of Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27.04.2016 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data.

For the implementation of this campaign, for the purposes specified below, the Organizer, as Operator, processes personal data.

Categories of persons concerned:

  • campaign participants;
  • winners.

Personal data processed:

  • name;
  • surname;
  • address;
  • landline or mobile phone number;
  • email address.

Processing purposes and grounds:

By participating in this Campaign, participants/winners understand that for this purpose their personal data (name, surname, address, landline and/or mobile phone number, e-mail) will be processed by the Organizer for the purposes of organizing the campaign, validation, announcing the winners, awarding the prizes, conducting statistics, analysis and market research by anonymizing the data, as well as for fulfilling financial, accounting and tax obligations in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation No 679/2016. Furthermore, by participating in this campaign, participants/winners agree that their personal data (name, surname, address, landline and/or mobile phone number, e-mail) may be processed by the Organiser for the purpose of sending communications for commercial purposes by telephone, post or e-mail (telemarketing), as well as sending offers and advertising materials.

Participants/winners understand that the processing of personal data under the conditions and for the purposes stated in these Official Rules is indispensable for the running of the campaign.

The personal data of the participants/winners are processed by the Organizer on the basis of the contractual relationship that is established by the acceptance of these Rules for the purpose of carrying out the campaign, awarding the prizes, public announcement of the winners (contract execution).  With regard to compliance with the financial-accounting and tax provisions, as well as for archiving, the basis for processing is the legal obligation of the Organizer. For the settlement of any complaints in connection with the organisation and conduct of the campaign and the awarding of prizes, other legal or administrative proceedings, the basis for processing is the legitimate interest of the Organiser.

Duration of processing of personal data

The organizer is also obliged to comply with the provisions of EU Regulation No 679/2016 on the protection of personal data stored during the campaign plus a minimum period of 60 days. As such, the Organiser undertakes to keep the personal data of the participants/winners of this campaign confidential and to use them in accordance with these Official Regulations and the legislation in force.

In certain circumstances, we may retain personal data for longer periods of time, for example where the Organiser is obliged to do so in accordance with legal, regulatory, tax or accounting requirements.

Rights of data subjects

Participanții la campanie, în calitate de persoane vizate, au, conform Regulamentului (UE) 2016/679 al Parlamentului European si al Consiliului din 27 aprilie 2016 privind protecția persoanelor fizice în ceea ce privește prelucrarea datelor cu caracter personal și privind libera circulație a acestor date, următoarele drepturi:

  • the right of access, rectification or erasure of data, restriction of processing, the right to object to processing as well as the right to data portability, the right to withdraw consent, the right not to be subject to individual decisions, the right to lodge complaints with the supervisory authority for the processing of personal data.

To exercise these rights, you may send a written, dated and signed request to the above-mentioned company address or to Participants also have the right to apply to the courts and the local ANSPDCP authority.

After the resolution of any requests, complaints regarding unjustified processing, insofar as they are justified, the personal data collected will be destroyed and will not be processed in any way unless the processing is required by legal obligations incumbent on the Organiser or where there is a legitimate interest.

The operator undertakes to implement appropriate technical and organisational measures to ensure an adequate level of security for the personal data of campaign participants.

Section 9. Termination of the campaign

This Campaign may be terminated only in the event of an event constituting force majeure, including in the event that the Organiser is unable, for reasons beyond its control, to continue this Campaign.

Force majeure is defined as any event that cannot be controlled, remedied or foreseen by the Organiser and whose occurrence makes it impossible for the Organiser to fulfil its obligations under the Rules. Such events include, but are not limited to: wars, fires, floods, strikes and blockades, earthquakes, other catastrophes of any kind, as well as any regulation that may occur after the entry into force of the Contract and which may prohibit or modify the terms of the Rules.

Section 10. Disputes

Any disputes arising between the Organizer and the participants in this campaign will be settled amicably or, if this is not possible, the disputes will be settled by the competent Romanian courts.

Section 11. Official Rules

The Official Rules are available free of charge to all by visiting For further information on the Official Rules of the campaign, please send an email to from 15.03.2021. 

By participating in this campaign, participants agree to abide by and comply with all provisions, terms and conditions of these Official Rules.

Section 12. Other clauses

Prizes not awarded will remain the property of the Organiser who may freely dispose of them in the manner it deems necessary or appropriate to its interests.

Participants in the Campaign are not required to pay any additional direct or indirect costs, other than the normal costs of running the Campaign.

If a particular provision of this Regulation is declared invalid, the other provisions remain valid/valid to the extent that they can produce legal effects even in the absence of the conditions declared invalid. As far as possible, the invalidated conditions shall be replaced by another reasonable, legally valid regulation which corresponds as closely as possible to the purpose of the invalidated provisions.